Media Credentials


This page is for media to request credentials for 3STEP events. Please fill out the below information to receive a media credential.

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Media Credentials

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  • Media Credentials issued by the 3STEP are required to cover any 3STEP owned or operated events. Credentials are of limited duration, are not transferable, and are revocable.
  • Credentials must be displayed at all times during the event.
  • 3STEP reserves the right to limit the number of credentials for each event. There will be a two-credential limit for each outlet (unless it has been pre-approved by 3STEP).
  • Loaning or transferring credentials to another may result in immediate permanent revocation of media credentials and ejection from the event of the original holder and unauthorized holder of the credentials.
  • Media credentialing will be conducted only during designated hours and credentials will only be issued at the host facilities. For each session, credentials will be available starting 30 minutes prior to the first game. Pickup will close at the start of the final game. A business card or photo ID may be requested at media check-in.


  • All members of the media must remain on the outer perimeter of the playing area and may sit in the general seating areas only (not player benches, near college coaches, etc.).
  • Photographers may take photos from the outside baselines of each court/field. Photos may be taken while sitting in the general seating area as long as the other spectators’ views are not adversely affected. Standing tripods are not allowed for use in this area.
  • Photographers may not photograph the medical/athletic trainer sections of the courts/field.
  • Web streaming / live streaming is not permitted. Highlights posted to social media or media outlet platforms cannot exceed five (5) minutes from any single game.
  • It is not permitted to ask student-athletes for phone numbers or personal contact information. Please communicate with head coaches directly.
  • Gifting athletes (or attempting to) in general, or for the purposes of having the athlete(s) market or endorse your organization through product or apparel is not allowed.
  • 3STEP reserves the right to request any photos or video from any credentialed media to use for promotional purposes for 3STEP or any brands represented by 3STEP free of charge. In addition to the respective media outlet, 3STEP reserves mutual ownership of all content taken at a 3STEP event.


  • All interviews must be facilitated by 3STEP during the designated times in designated locations.
  • Interviews with student-athletes are to be conducted only at event sites. No interviews should be conducted on-court at any time or outside of the designated area.
  • 3STEP reserves the right to limit the number of interviews conducted and the time frame in which they are conducted.
  • Conversations and interactions between players or between players and coaches or other staff members are regarded as private, and should not be referenced or detailed in blogs, practice reports, Tweets or any other kind of reporting in print or online. Only comments provided through a standard and mutually recognized interview should be used as content.
  • Credentialed members of the media are not allowed at the player host hotel at any time. Do not interview the student-athletes during non-interview times or outside of the designated media area at the event facilities.


  • By applying for credentials, outlets and their representatives acknowledge and assume the risks that comes from viewing sporting events including being struck or injured by participants, and flying objects such as balls, bats, and other sports equipment.



  • 3STEP reserves the right to deny credentialed media access to non-traditional outlets.
  • 3STEP reserves the right to revoke any credential due to non-compliance with our media policies.
  • 3STEP reserves the right to modify media policies as necessary. Policies and media credential approval may vary by event throughout the 3STEP event circuit.
  • Anyone who violates the above policies may be asked to relinquish their credential and leave the facility. Failure to comply with video policies may result in future credentialing reviews.

Thank you for your cooperation – we look forward to working with you!

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