NXT – 3STEP’s Newest Addition

For Immediate Release

August 31, 2021

Contact: Walker Jones (walker@threestep.com)


NXT Becomes 3STEP Sports Newest Lacrosse Addition


WILMINGTON, Mass., Aug. 23, 2021 – 3STEP Sports, the nation’s largest youth sports club and event operator, has acquired NXT to expand an existing portfolio of nationally known youth sport operators. This strategic partnership will create additional opportunities for lacrosse athletes across the nation.

Bringing together the best leadership and operational expertise of nationally known lacrosse brands has positioned 3STEP to lead the charge for youth lacrosse initiatives with unprecedented infrastructure and resources.

NXT CEO Joel Zuercher is excited about the direction of 3STEP and how the two brands align. “With the shared passion for the athlete experience, a partnership with 3STEP was a no-brainer,” he said. “We align with our vision of what youth lacrosse can be, and we know this relationship will only help us continue to positively impact more athletes than ever before.”

In the summer of 2009, NXT started with a few camps and has now grown into a robust organization that runs 30 camps and clinics, 28 boys and girls club teams and 51 lacrosse and recruiting showcases across the country. In any given year, NXT is involved in nearly 40,000 athletes’ lives. They differentiate themselves in the youth sports market through the diversity of products and year-round programming.

3STEP Sports CEO and founder David Geaslen sees NXT as a key part of the company’s lacrosse team. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to add NXT to our group of established lacrosse leadership,” he said. “Through their events, education and club teams, what they have created over the past decade has set them apart.”

The current 3STEP lacrosse reach includes: 3d Lacrosse, Thunder Lacrosse, HoganLax, Aloha Lacrosse Events, Kings Lacrosse, Aces Lacrosse, Connecticut Wolves, Annapolis Hawks, and Storm Lacrosse Club. The lacrosse group is the fastest growing division of 3STEP’s sport verticals, with nearly 800,000 kids playing on its more than 170 club teams and 130 events.

In addition to lacrosse, the 3STEP reach spans 40+ states and serves more than 2.5 million athletes across eight sports through industry-leading events, nationally spanning club programs, premier media content and more. The mission of 3STEP is to be the standard of the youth sports experience and create consistency in the industry.

3STEP is looking forward to working with NXT to help make an impact in the sport industry. “With the collective knowledge and experience of our sport operators, we can combine efficiencies to provide a best-in-class experience for every athlete who interacts with our clubs and events,” Geaslen said. “NXT and their leadership will be an integral piece of achieving this goal.”


To learn more about 3STEP Sports visit threeestep.com.

To learn more about NXT, go to nxtsports.com.