SquadLocker – Custom Apparel Partnership

For Immediate Release

November 2, 2021

Contact: Walker Jones (walker@threestep.com)



Warwick, RI – SquadLocker, a leading custom apparel software and fulfillment service, has formed a strategic partnership with 3STEP Sports, the nation’s largest and most impactful youth sport ecosystem.

Serving more than 2.5 million athletes in over 40 states, 3STEP Sports will take advantage of SquadLocker’s groundbreaking ecommerce software and on-demand fulfillment services that alleviate the traditional burdens youth sports administrators face, including managing tight order windows, facilitating data transfers to apparel partners, and handling apparel distribution.

“3STEP has amassed an impressive portfolio of top-tier club programs and tournaments across the United States,” says Gary Goldberg, CEO of SquadLocker. “Our partnership will transform the way their participants and administrators manage their decorated apparel needs. By using both our software technology and unique on-demand fulfillment, their coaches and support staff will be able to invest more time in their players, improving the already world-class 3STEP experience.”

With this partnership with SquadLocker, 3STEP’s club leaders and event organizers will be set up with digital storefronts that never close. Players, parents, and fans can directly purchase uniforms, team apparel, and spirit wear in one place while the production is seamlessly handled on the back-end and routed to the quickest, most efficient manner – and in the most economical fashion.

“SquadLocker’s unique ecommerce platform allows our clubs and event operators to offer a robust digital storefront for their organizations and assist us in aggregating and distributing orders to the most efficient production method,” said 3STEP Sports Founder and CEO, David Geaslen.

Beginning Nov. 2, 3STEP’s owned clubs and tournaments will be granted access to their own personalized store filled with SquadLocker’s Holiday Gift Guide assortment and customized with their logo; allowing players, parents, and fans to shop in time for the holidays.

“3STEP is managed by a dynamic group that is equally excited to transform the way players, parents, and coaches experience youth sports,” says Goldberg. “Our visions are completely aligned.”


About SquadLocker:

SquadLocker is a tech-led apparel and software service company transforming the way sports organizations, schools, and businesses develop and distribute custom goods. Through its collaborative software platform, SquadLocker offers a suite of free services that free up time, offer brand control, and alleviate the burdens of managing and distributing custom apparel and goods. SquadLocker is powered by a team focused on helping teachers, coaches, mentors, and youth leaders win back time to help every kid realize and reach their full potential. To learn more, visit squadlocker.com.


About 3STEP:

3STEP Sports is the most impactful youth sport ecosystem in the country, providing brands with the ability to interact with more athletes than ever in a unique and authentic way. The 3STEP reach spans 40+ states and currently serves more than 2.5 million athletes. We deliver a premier, inspiring and authentic experience – dedicated to perfecting every aspect of the athlete funnel. Encompassing industry-leading tournaments, nationally spanning club programs, premier media content and more, 3STEP is the standard of the youth sports experience. To learn more about 3STEP Sports, visit threestep.com.