Participation in an event, club team practice or game, tournament, camp or clinic operated or sponsored by 3 STEP SPORTS LLC (including its affiliates, “3STEP”) or in a facility managed by 3STEP (each, an “Event”) is a privilege that comes with responsibilities for parents, guardians, coaches, officials, referees, umpires, spectators and players (collectively, “Members”). 3STEP seeks to create and maintain a safe, fun sports and entertainment experience for all Members. Accordingly, Members must comply with the following Code of Conduct at 3STEP Events:

  1. Members will maintain sporting conduct in the spirit of friendship and fair play, and will comply with the applicable rules of the sport, including any applicable governing body rules and requirements.
  2. Members will show courtesy and respect to other Members, Event personnel and facility staff members (collectively, “Event Workers”), and will refrain from shouting, harassing or yelling at Members and Event Workers. Parents and spectators will not coach from the sideline or give instructions to players.
  3. All Members should enjoy the experience of attending an Event free from disruptive behavior. Members will not use derogatory, foul, abusive, sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic, xenophobic language or obscene gestures.
  4. Physical confrontations or threats thereof are strictly prohibited. There is zero tolerance for Members who engage in fighting, throwing objects, who assault or threaten to harm other Members, or for parents/guardians/spectators who attempt to enter the court or field. Any Members engaging in such actions will be promptly removed from the Event. Any Member who violates this rule may be suspended from attending or participating in future 3STEP Events for a period of time determined by 3STEP in its sole discretion.
  5. The possession or use of a dangerous weapon on the property hosting an Event, including in the parking lots and surrounding areas of the facility, is strictly prohibited. “Dangerous weapons” include firearms, explosives, knives and other weapons. A license to carry a weapon does not supersede this policy. Any Member who violates this rule will be promptly removed from the Event and suspended from attending or participating in future 3STEP Events indefinitely.
  6. The consumption and possession of tobacco products and/or vapor products is not permitted inside the Event facility. Intervention with a Member suspected of being impaired, intoxicated, or underage and under the influence will be managed in a prompt and safe manner.
  7. Members will be respectful of the Event, other Members, Event Workers, and the sport, and will refrain from posting negative comments on social media about the Event or other Members.
  8. Foul, obscene, or indecent messages on signs, clothing, or other publicly viewable material is not permitted.
  9. Members will comply with requests from Event Workers regarding operational and emergency response procedures.
  10. Members will comply with all (a) health and safety protocols, (b) applicable local, state and federal laws, and (c) rules of the league and/or sport governing body, and (d) Event facility rules, especially any such facility rules on smoking, drugs, food/drink consumption, littering and parking.

If any portion of this Code of Conduct is violated by a Member at any time, 3STEP reserves the right to remove the Member from the Event. 3STEP reserves the right to suspend the Member from attending or participating in 3STEP Events for the remainder of the season or any longer period of time.