3STEP Sports Acquires Sports Made Personal

Illinois-Based Company Will Bring its Soccer and Lacrosse Clubs to 3STEP Sports, As Well As Events, And Travel and Technology Divisions
June 15, 2022


3STEP Sports, the nation’s largest and most impactful club and event operator, has acquired Sports Made Personal (SMP), a transformative youth sports company outside of Chicago.  SMP includes soccer and lacrosse clubs, leagues, events and leading-edge technology that will further advance the success of 3STEP.

SMP was founded by Chad Gruen, who sought to develop youth athletes by providing a personalized experience for players and families within the context of team sports. Using tech-enabled platforms, SMP provides a unique, highly innovative experience for its athletes that has redefined youth sports.  What started as a small training company has grown over the past two decades to become one of the Midwest’s leading youth sports organizations with nationally recognized teams, leagues, and events.

SMP’s goals and mission are very similar to 3STEP’s—to create better experiences and opportunities in the fragmented youth sports market.

“When I started SMP, I wanted to create a better experience for players and their families than I had growing up as a young athlete,” said Gruen. “Partnering with 3STEP is a huge step for us because our values and mission align perfectly. Our staff and our core business will be unchanged, but with 3STEP, we can provide an even more unique experience for our players. It’s a huge win for our people, the players and their families, as well as the communities we serve.”

The 3STEP reach spans 40+ states and serves more than 3.1 million athletes across eight sports through industry-leading events, nationally spanning club programs, premier media content and more.  3STEP was founded by David Geaslen, who sought to create better experiences and more opportunities for athletes and their families. The mission of 3STEP is to be the standard of the youth sports experience and create consistency in the industry. 3STEP also operates the non-profit charity Mission Win, which aims to transform the lives of children through sports participation, leadership training and professional development.

Geaslen is excited to add SMP to the portfolio because it is a natural fit. From the leadership to the company’s mission of putting players and their families first, Geaslen sees a lot of similarities between the two companies.

“Chad Gruen has built a fantastic business and he and his people are excellent at what they do,” said Geaslen. “This is the type of business that can seamlessly integrate into 3STEP Sports. We can continue to let them do what they do best and work closely with Chad and his team to expand on what is already a very sound foundation.”


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